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There's Still A Decent Selection of Bags at the Mulberry Sale

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We were excited to wake up this morning to an email from Soffier Haskin telling us that they've taken further markdowns at the Mulberry sample sale. The bags and accessories for both men and women are now 75% off the original retail price, as are women's shoes, while women's clothing and men's belts are now 80% off.

Starting with the bags, it looked like there were still about a dozen of each style available—a few in each color. Most of the bags you'll find are in flame red, oak brown, black, or leopard print (but that's just for nylon). As for prices, that means Peace and Love clipper bags are now $237.50, oversized Maisie clipper bags are $550, North South Maisie totes are $412.50, Sheepskin Maisie clippers are $550, and Daria hobos are $300.

There's also still a decent selection of shoes, and it doesn't look like any particular size was picked over more than others. This means you can get signature patent pumps in flame red for $125, tiger-print calf hair pumps for $182.50, Dorset flat booties in bark brown from $237.50, and brown knee-high boots for $275. Again, a few boxes for each style in each size are out on the table.

As for men's bags, there are about a dozen black nylon cross-body messenger bags and six small rolling suitcases. The leather goods selection is very small, and the sales associate said that there are only six belts left.

Today's clothing selection consisted of four racks for sizes 2, 4, and 6 and one rack for sizes 8 and up. Some of the highlights include a pale pink wool tweed peacoat that's now $560, a floor-length silk dress with a muted flower print for $420, and black "summer wool" trousers for $156. The knits, which are the cheapest of the clothing items, have maybe five or so tops left for each style—the cheapest style we spotted is now $66.

The belts and accessories selections are also fairly sparse, but you can still grab a leather iPhone case or a pair of men's cufflinks. And yes, there are still dog clothes available. While the staff is very tight-lipped about their stock, we noticed that all of the boxes underneath the tables with bags are empty, and we heard a sales associate telling a customer that what's on the accessories table is all that's left.

There wasn't a line earlier this morning, so there's a good chance that you'll get in with little to no wait time if you want to stop by after work. Bonus points: their air conditioner is blasting on high today.—Laura Gurfein
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Soffier Haskin

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