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Inside the Mulberry Sample Sale: the Bags, Shoes, and Clothes

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The Mulberry sample sale—the brand's first since 2008—opened to the public at 11am this morning at Soiffer Haskin. The offerings for guys include mens bags and accessories, and women get ready-to-wear, shoes, bags and accessories. Bags are 70% off, and mostly everything else is 75% off. (Check the signage for further clarification.) All items are tagged with the original price, and the staff has calculators handy to help you figure out the deals.

Let's start with the bags: the pony hair bags were getting picked over fast, and from what we could see, the prices ranged from $630-$1,500. For leather, there are Peace and Love clipper bags for $285, oversized Maisie clipper bags for $660, North South Maisie totes for $495, Sheepskin Maisie clippers for $660, and Daria hobos for $360.

There are also Somerset shoulder bags for $255, Bella hobos for $330, Somerset totes for $285, Somerset satchels for $234, small Daria satchels for $300, and the large Dorsets are $670.

Women's shoes include sizes 36 through 41. There are strappy wedges for $216.25, kitten heels for $125, and black studded heels for $167.50, as well as some pony hair heels for $182.50. Knee high boots are $275, and plastic flats are $62.50.

Ready to wear has sizes from 0 to 10. A black trench is $300, black flowy gowns are priced at $525, and a leather moto jacket is $575. Also included here is an amazing sequin ombre dress for $875, and some knits in extra small through medium for $82.50-$162.50.

Scarves are $114-$150, and those cute dog clothes are $36-$129. Leather gloves are available in small through large for $66-$84, and leather iPhone 4 and 5 cases are $42-$51. There's a selection of jewelry, which includes leather bracelets and some silver necklaces for $21-$90.

In the mens accessories section, you'll find cuff links for $51, belts in sizes 30 through 42 for $69-$129, and wallets for $84. Leather iPad cases are $150, and dopp kits were $90-$114. There are some portfolios for $201, briefcases for $405, messenger bags for $435 and rolling suitcases for $285-$435.

There's a coat check and they are asking you to check everything you have, including any scarves and hats. (They are handing out plastic bags so you can carry your phone and wallet and still keep your hands free for shopping.) There's a fitting room for ladies.

A few final notes: when we were waiting to get in, the staff was super friendly and couldn't have been nicer—but the minute one of the employees found out we were with Racked, we were told not to speak to any of them. (Which meant we were forbidden to inquire about restocking and additional markdowns.) We were also strictly prohibited from taking photos, and were watched like hawks until we left. Having said all that, the sale is good, and you should definitely check it out. (Just don't say you're friends with us.)—Mickey Sery
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