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Inside the Manolo Blahnik Sale: Sticker Prices, Styles, and Sizes

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The Manolo Blahnik semi-annual sale began at the brand's Midtown West boutique yesterday, and today there was still a line to get in when we went to check it out. When the doors finally opened, only about twenty people were allowed in at a time—leaving the rest of the well-heeled, Birkin-toting clientele to wait in the queue outside.

The discount is up to 75% off, and once you enter you'll see that all of the sale shoes are lined up on the left side and in back room, while full price pairs are on the right. Prices are marked with a colored sticker system: orange is $195, blue is $250, yellow is $295, and green is $350.

Most shoes we saw were in the $250 to $295 range. As far as the selection goes, there are plenty of striking seasonal picks, beaded styles, plus classic sandals and pumps. We also spied a rack that was full of discounted alligator styles. Size 37s will have the best luck, though other sizes have their fair share to choose from too. Score anything good? Let us know in the comments below before the sale ends on Thursday.—Cady Lang
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