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The Permanent Bite Beauty Lab Will Open in Early October

Making a custom shade at the pop up. Racked Red?
Making a custom shade at the pop up. Racked Red?

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As planned, Bite Beauty is in the process of converting their summer pop-up shop into a permanent store. We heard from a brand rep today that October 7th is the projected opening date for the longterm shop.

Like the pop-up shop, you'll be able to make a custom lipstick in about ten minutes, but the new install will feature "playstations" where you can mix colors yourself (with trained staff on hand, should you need it). Also new for the permanent shop is an option in finishes: choose from sheer, bold, or cream. The brand's ready-made line of lipsticks, glosses, treatment products, and more will also be available.
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Bite Beauty Lab

174 Prince Street, New York, NY