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The Line for the Barneys Warehouse Sale Started Small

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The Barneys Warehouse Sale is kicking off its first go at the Metropolitan Pavillion this morning, after announcing that this season's sale will be the "menswear event of the year." Racked reporter Laura Gurfein is on the scene scoping out the line.

7:03am: The line's almost all guys! There are 28 people waiting so far, and I'd say 20 of them are men.

7:05am: I heard that a guard came out at 6:30am to form the ine, and workers showed up at 7am.

7:10am: The first people here arrived at 4:30am, a group of two girls and two guys. Smart, so someone is always here holding the line while the others get coffee and go to the bathroom.

7:12am: There are now 36 people in line. About half who joined since I got here are women.

7:15am: The first people in line that I spoke to didn't realize that the sale will be emphasizing menswear. For previous sales, they've usually gotten on line at 6am. They were surprised by how short it is today.

7:16am: The people with coffee/beverages and food seem to be the most alert. There are a couple of people here who look pretty zombie-ish.

7:20am: Two guys just came jogging by with Subway sandwiches to get in line. And a security guard just walked up and down the line to make sure everyone is orderly. They are, it's pretty calm here.

7:25am: The 11th girl in line has been sitting on a pile of napkins with her head on her knees since I got here.

7:30am: Security just brought out more ropes to corral the line. There are about 45 people here now. Still pretty tame compared to past years. There are now enough ropes to cover the whole line.

7:31am: A few more people have been joining the line. A few are cutting in with friends, but no one seems to care.

7:38am: Only one person in line brought those folding chairs for camping. Everyone else who doesn't want to stand seems content sitting on the sidewalk or leaning against the scaffolding.

Notice the relative drought of Starbucks near the Pavillion

7:40am: A girl across the street just took a picture of the line, but the rest of the passerby don't seem fazed by it. Blame it on the Cronuts.

7:45am: The line has beefed up as the opening time nears. There are more than 80 people here now. It's a fairly even mix of guys and girls. Maybe a bit more women in the final minutes.

7:46am: A girl in denim cutoffs has made the brave trek to the faraway Starbucks and has returned with a tray of drinks for her friends.

7:50am: We are more than 90 people deep now. There are a few guys in button downs and ties hoping to snag a deal before work.

7:52am: The line almost reaches the end of the scaffolding—let's hope it doesn't start raining anytime soon!

7:57am: We've definitely passed the 100-mark line now. The crowd's starting to bulge without the ropes keeping them in.

8:03am: And we're going in! Stay tuned for a full report from inside.
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