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The Barneys Warehouse Sale Is Indeed Mostly for Men

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Well, at least they gave us fair warning. Last week, when Barneys sent out their Warehouse Sale email that didn't include any mention of womenswear, the follow-up we received said that the sale would focus heavily on men's designers. And when we got into the sale at Metropolitan Pavilion with the first batch of shoppers this morning, we saw that they certainly held true to their word.

If we were to put numbers on it, we'd say at least two-thirds of the massive sales floor is dedicated to menswear. The friendly and helpful staff told us that on the women's side, all the merchandise is out and there isn't any back stock to put out on the floor.

Update: Here's our full report of the women's merchandise.

We were surprised to find that the greatest selection was for pants—racks and racks filled with sizes 24 to 31 spread out pretty evenly. There aren't a lot of dresses or tops, and the shoe selection was pretty slim as well. They had a lot of the same styles of bags, though most of the shoppers didn't seem to interested. Stay tuned for a more in-depth coverage of the womenswear, including brands and prices, followed by specifics on the menswear.—Laura Gurfein
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