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Bag Selection Slim, Lots of RTW at the Alexander Wang Sale

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It's day two of the Alexander Wang sample sale on Greene Street, which means it's time for a spotcheck. This afternoon's line was only 20 deep, which translated to only a few minutes of waiting before getting in. The scene inside was pleasantly less chaotic than expected.

Though there isn't a crazy wait just to see the bags, like there was yesterday, it's with good reason—there ain't much to choose from. All of the Roccos are gone and they aren't getting any more, according to a sales associate at the bag table. There are still some pretty nice styles in a range of sizes though, so it's worth taking a look. Note that there's now a limit of two bags per customer. Prices are the same as reported earlier, and that goes for all merchandise.

In the shoe section, there's still a good selection of fringe sizes, both small and large, but not much for the 37s to 39s.

Clothing, however, is still worth shopping. There is a good selection of dresses and skirts for women and outwear for guys and gals from Alexander Wang, and lots of tops from the T line for both genders. Sizes small and extra small were the greatest abundance.

The miscellaneous stock bins for women are still full, but the men's bins were nearly picked clean. But most shoppers seemed to pick through the items and move on rather quickly. Your time is likely better spent elsewhere.

The unofficial changing area is where you'll find signs of chaos. Shoppers have left piles of unwanted merch in front of the mirrors, and it's nearly impossible to check out the racks here without bumping into a half-naked person. And the signs warning people not to touch the mirrors has us wondering—did someone knock them over yesterday?

Overall, the sale was comfortable to shop (read: not crowded, not stifling hot) and the wait to enter has mellowed. If you're looking for a something in particular, you'll probably want to stop by after work today.—Laura Gurfein

Update: There have been markdowns today, and some of our commenters have more details as far as what's discounted and for how much—see their tips here.
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