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The Line for the Alexander Wang Sample Sale Is Steadily Growing

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The Alexander Wang sample sale opens to the public at 9am, and Racked reporter Keiko has been on the scene since 6:30am. Read her report from the line below, and while you're at it, check out yesterday's post from the preview.

6:50am: There are about 60-70 people in line now and it's growing steadily. I just found out the first person got here at 1:30am.

7:05am: There are about 85 people here now. There's a good mix of both men and women. I'm surprised there aren't many people with caffeine in hand.

7:25am: The girls behind me are hoping for bags, either the Rocco or the Ingrid satchel (of which we saw both yesterday).

7:30am: The weather's perfect this morning, a lot of people are in shorts and tank tops.

7:35am: There are now about 75 people behind me, and 45 in front of me, so the line's around 120 people deep.

7:40am: The line should probably start curving in on the curb—they're actually off the sidewalk now and standing in the bike lane.

7:50am: I just talked to the first six people in line. The two that have been here since 1:30am are looking for bags, specifically Roccos. The second pair got here at 3:30am, and are also looking for bags. And the third pair, a couple, are looking for bags and boots.

7:55am: About 35 more people have joined the line now, and it's wrapping around to Prince Street.

8:20am: The line has almost reached Wooster Street, with about 200 people lined up. There's a lot more women on line now, who are most likely looking for bags.

8:30am: Scratch that, the total count is closer to 250 now. Here's a pictures of what it looks like on Prince Street:

8:35am: The early risers are standing up and lining up now. 260 Sample Sale staffers are walking up and down now asking people if they want to sign up for the mailing list. I also saw a staffer doing a head count and filming/taking pictures on her iPad.

8:36am: I notice that most of the first arrivals are men, and later in the line there are a lot more women. Dedicated guys! Hopefully the men's stuff doesn't disappoint them.

8:40am: The sale is opening early! People are trickling in now!

8:50am: And I'm in! The bag line is crazy right now.

That wraps up the lineblog, but check back in later for our full report from inside. In the meantime, see yesterday's coverage of the VIP preview.
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