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The Alexander Wang Sample Sale Line vs. The Cronut Line

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Cronut photo by Terry Richardson, Photoshopping by Racked. Click to enlarge!

New Yorkers: too busy to call grandma, not too busy to wait in line for pastries and discounted designer wares. This morning's Alexander Wang sample sale line drew comparisons to the long-enduring Cronut line, so we took it upon ourselves to compare the two—Venn diagram-style.

On the left, a few hallmarks of the Wang sale: the desire for Rocco bags, the VIP access, the November 2012 voting line confusion. On the right, Cronut's signatures: the two-per-customer limit, the Craiglist scalpers, the official t-shirt. And in the middle, the overlap: people who camp out hours before opening, the shared neighborhood, and the desire to get one's hands on the real thing. Click above to enlarge our guide to the differences and similarities between the lines.
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