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Inside the Alexander Wang Sample Sale: Bags, RTW, and More

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The Alexander Wang sample sale opens to the public tomorrow morning at 9am, but as expected, there's a VIP/press preview today. When we were there a little over an hour ago, there was a pretty strict line at the door, where staffers were checking names on a list. (Just a word of caution if you're planning to try your luck.) Before we get into the merchandise, we should note that there were no photos or cell phones allowed, a rule that we obliged in order to get a post up on the goods today. Now let's get to it.

We'll start with the bags first. As far as pricing goes, clutches are $250, small bags are $300, medium sizes are $350, and larges will set you back $400. We saw Roccos in tan, Pelican satchels in peach and white, Emile totes in black, and Ingrid strappy satchels in black. There were also some Brendas in maroon, as well as the Brenda Camera bag in the same shade.

Staffers said that they will be restocking the bags, but only in the styles that are currently out. It's also possible there will be other colors available than what we saw around 3pm. Mizhattan has a few photos from earlier in the day that show the Ingrid in white and tan, as well as other shades of the Pelican satchel.

As for the clothing, we'll begin with the most accessible: the T by Alexander Wang collection. For women, bras and tees are $35, cotton and spandex dresses are $60, silk tops, knit tops, and bottoms are $70, silk or velvet dresses are $90, outerwear is $125, and leather is $130.

For guys, tees are $35, shirts, bottoms, and sweaters/sweatshirts are $75, leather combo pieces are $100, and outerwear is $125.

Most of the T merchandise is organized in bins in the center of the sale, which we saw staffers obsessively folding throughout. For the most part, this area wasn't too crowded, so if you have the time it's worth sifting through. All of the merchandise is pretty seasonal, meaning you can snag plenty of fall goods. In the women's area, we saw a lot of really great pullover sweaters and chunky knits. In the men's bins, we also spotted some great long-sleeve pieces, as well as some easy heather gray hoodies.

There are also several racks of T merchandise near the bags and shoes, which for ladies include a lot of long maxi dresses (in silk, spandex, and cotton), as well as great leathers and bombers.

Women's and men's ready-to-wear prices are as follows: for guys, leathers are $500, jackets and outerwear are $250, leather combo pieces are $100, long-sleeve sweaters are $160, pants are $140, and shirts are $130. For accessories, it's $100 for leather, and $50 for soft accessories.

In the women's department, dresses, blazers, and vests are $175, tops are $140, bottoms and long sleeve sweaters are $150, and tops are $140. And just like the men's, leathers are $500, outerwear is $250, and leather combo pieces are $100. We weren't overly impressed with the women's ready-to-wear, but if you're looking for lots of neutral basics (like black blazers, or more black blazers), you'll be able to find them. We also saw a ton of textured chunky knits and stretchy dresses from the fall 2012 collection.

Shoes are all priced at $175, and included the Lovisa in tan, the Daria in leopard print, the Tabea sandal in yellow, and the Amber heel in tan. Shoes are all displayed along a table near the bags and arranged out of their box by size. Sizes seemed relatively full across the board, but it's a bit hard to tell since all of the actual merchandise is behind the table.

Finally, there are a few cheaper bins in the center of the sale, but we didn't see anything super tempting. Prices here range from $15, $30, $50, and $100. Feel free to pick through, but it might be best to spend your time elsewhere.

Small other sidenotes: there's no credit card minimum, so if you're like us and trying to keep it under a $100 (ha!), it's possible to use plastic. There are no fitting rooms, but there is an area toward the back with a big mirror. And since we couldn't take any pictures, we welcome you to upload photos of your swag on Instagram and tag us (@rackedny)—we'd love to see what you bought.
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