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You Need a Full Afternoon to Conquer the Swords-Smith Sale

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Checklist for conquering the epic Swords-Smith/Creatures of Comfort/In God We Trust group sale: time, a love of under-the-radar international designers, an obsession with quirky prints, and a line of credit. Got all of that? Okay, let's dive in.

First things first, this ain't your wimpy boutique sale. The store is absolutely stuffed with merchandise, with tons of variety in sizes and styles. Shop owner Briana Swords even told us that there are actually two more racks of clothing in the back that they just couldn't fit out front. You'll need to check your bag at the front before getting started.

The front of the room houses menswear, with tees from M. Carter going for $15, totes from the brand priced at $20, and loads of patterned swim trunks priced at $20. Other finds in the men's section included an embroidered Soulland sweatshirt for $90 (from $235), leather belts for $55, and stacks of IGWT pants for $57 to $65 (from $190 to $215).

Separating the hefty menswear offerings from the even heftier womenswear section is a table of accessories. Guys can score Walk Over shoes for $99 (from $299) or Hill-Side bowties for $45 (half off their original price). A limited selection of scarves, belts, women's wallets, and socks are also available. There's also a golden chicken priced at $194, down from $298.

Womenswear is crazy extensive and attempting to cover it in depth would be a futile effort. You can find everything from Chromat swimwear ($119 for a baby blue one-piece) and Family Affiairs bikinis ($60 each for printed tops and bottoms) to special photographic-print Risto blouses ($135) and a Collina Strada suede varsity jacket for $500 (from $760).

Brands you'll see a ton of in the Swords-Smith section include those mentioned above, plus Rachel Antonoff, Lauren Moffatt, and Dusen Dusen. Check the gallery above for specific pieces and price call-outs. Near the cash desk you'll spot Courtshop shorts in a range of sizes and washes for a wallet-friendly $60, as well as table housing a petite collection of bags, sunglasses, and jewelry. Women's shoes were limited to very few styles, but included a pair of Swedish Hasbeens sandals for $175.

Creatures of Comfort's in-house line dominates one long row, featuring some bizarre materials like metallic shorts ($106) and pants, and lots of polka dot burnout.

All In God We Trust merch is 70% off of the original price, so make sure your calculator app is open while you browse. Summery staples like printed silk crop tops, sun dresses, and maxi dresses mingle with winter-ready outerwear. A sunglasses-printed maxi was a stand out and will run you $153 (from $510).

If you've made it to the end of this sale review, here's your reward: IGWT jewelry starts at $10 and it's good. At that price point, you can walk away with a delicate pendant necklace, while $20 will get you a skinny cuff bracelet, $40 will earn you a cool ring, and absolutely nothing is over a hundo.
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