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National Retailers Clamoring For Their Slice of Cobble Hill

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Image via Lululemon
Image via Lululemon

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Along with yesterday's news of LA-based tee chain Splendid opening in Brooklyn's Cobble Hill was this nugget, from Evan Schuckman of Schuckman Realty: "Our team is on the phone daily with national retail tenants seeking our advice as to where and what to do to penetrate Cobble Hill."

So why Cobble Hill and not, say, Williamburg or Park Slope? "Splendid as well as J. Crew saw Trader Joe's as the anchor to really build around," Schuckman said. "Atlantic and Court is really the apex of higher-income Brooklyn residential as well as the density of the prime office market."

Other retailers that have latched onto the nexus of Atlantic and Court include Barneys and Urban Outfitters. Food chains like Chipotle and Starbucks have also opened at the crosshair.

Meanwhile, on neighboring Smith Street near the Bergen Street subway stop, Lululemon has emerged, across from another Starbucks. Patagonia has wiggled into the 'hood by way of a shop-in-shop within the Smith Street boutique Something Else.

Naturally, some residents of the notoriously wealthy slash NIMBY neighborhood are not pleased with the change. Most publically has been the revolt against J.Crew—not just because it's a national chain penetrating the area, but because it will replace beloved local grocer Pacific Green. A petition asking the retailer to reconsider the location has garnered over 4,300 signatures.
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