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Expect to Wait for Clogs and Boots at the No.6 Sample Sale

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We waited for just over an hour this afternoon to get into the No.6 sample sale, alongside a hundred or so devotees of the store's beloved clogs. The sale is taking place in an underground space just next to their store, and it includes shoes, clothing, and accessories both from the No.6 brand and other brands at up to 70% off retail prices.

The most important thing to know is that all No.6 shoes are uniformly priced: clogs are $150, leather clog boots are $225, and shearling clog boots are $275. The selection includes one-of-a-kind styles and special colors, according to a sales associate. There's also a couple of bargain bins where clogs are $50 and boots are $75.

All other items, including shoes from other brands, are individually marked. Check out the photos in our gallery to get an idea of what you'll find—just so you know, there isn't much for under $100.

We'd recommend getting there sooner than later, as attendees seemed to be snatching up multiple pairs of shoes. There were still a few dozen people in line when we left nearly two hours later. We were told that there's maybe a few hundred pairs left to restock the sale, but that was just an estimate. If it's in your budget, head upstairs to the regular store, where spring/summer styles are 25% off.—Laura Gurfein
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