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The Blackout of '03 Didn't Stop the Barneys Warehouse Sale

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Today marks the tenth anniversary of the Blackout of '03—the day when a rogue tree branch in Ohio sparked an outage that impacted roughly 50 million people along the East Coast. If you were living in New York at the time, you probably have a very vivid memory of where you were when the lights went out. Maybe you were on the subway, or in the office waiting for the work day to wrap up. Or maybe—just maybe—you were at the Barneys Warehouse Sale. A high-level Racked informant wrote in to tell us what that was like, and how nobody wanted to leave despite the darkness.

"I was downstairs at the Barneys Warehouse Sale with a cousin when Blackout '03 hit (though of course we didn't know how serious it was at the moment). The lights went off, but the emergency exit lighting was on, so it wasn't pitch black. Impressively, not only did people not panic, but they used their Nokias and what dim lighting there was to continue shopping, as though this was just another Warehouse Sale obstacle to be surmounted. We left. But we heard—possibly exaggerated, but probably not—that people who were in line to pay waited for hours in the dark for the power to come back on, rather than relinquish their finds."

Anyone else have a similarly ridiculous and/or terrifying story to share? Leave it in the comments below.
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