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Bags of All Shapes and Sizes at the Lauren Merkin Sample Sale

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Earlier this afternoon, we pulled up our galoshes and braved the rain to make it to the first day of the Lauren Merkin sample sale. The makeshift sale area, right inside the brand's headquarters, is chock full of clutches, cross-bodies, satchels, and more at up to 70% off retail prices. Our favorite part of this sale is that there's a huge variety of colors and prints in each style.

The prices for all styles are clearly marked with a corresponding picture on the wall—in addition, nearly all bags are tagged with the original and discount prices. Lots of the bags are smaller-sized clutches and cross-body styles. The Georgie clutch with the ruffled top is $80 (from $295), while the Lotte clutch, a trapezoidal envelope, is $70 (from $275). The Riley clutch, a square envelope, is $90-$95 (from $225).

The Mini Marlow is $150 (from $325) and the Molly style is $100-$125 (from $295-$325). The Iris is $125-$175 (from $325-$475), while the Vivi clutch is $100-$110 (from $295). The Lucy clutch is $125 (from $295).

As for the larger styles, the Quinn is now $225 (was $525), and the Marlow—the full-sized version of the mini we just mentioned—is $250 (from $525). The Paige satchel is $125 and was originally $525, making it one of the best deals at this sale. The Reese tote is $175 (from $425), and the Sydney hobo-style bag is $225 (from $525).

If you're looking to get the most bang for your buck, head straight to the bargain bins, where you'll find clutches and more in boxes priced from $20 to $70. There's also a selection of small leather goods by the entrance, including large wallets for $40-70, small wallets for $40, and jewelry cases for $25. And we wouldn't be worried about running out of product here, since there are boxes full of even more bags underneath each table.—Laura Gurfein
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