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Pre-Shop H&M's Paris Collection at Their MePa Pop Up

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Dress, $69.95; Boots, $129; Scarf, $39.95
Dress, $69.95; Boots, $129; Scarf, $39.95

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Back in February, H&M famously returned to fashion week for the first time in eight years. The show took place in Paris and was dubbed—wait for it—The Paris Collection. The goods from the runway will hit stores September 5th, but H&M is letting New Yorkers preview the wares at a pop-up shop this month.
The shop will open August 22nd for just two three days in Meatpacking and feature a Try-On Lab. Translation: you can try on this Paris Collection but you'll need to order everything through their recently-launched e-comm site. On-site iPads will aid in the transaction.

Update: Here's a look inside.
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