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Inside Today's Sneaky Bottega Veneta Sample Sale in Chelsea

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The Bottega Veneta sample sale at the Metropolitan Pavillion managed to escape coverage on the usual blogs (including this one), but our tipsters were quick to let us know that it's definitely happening. Our reporter on the scene writes that the pricing is as follows: all bags are individually marked, coats are $400, large wallets and men's suits are $300, men's jackets are $250, dresses are $200, small wallets and women's jackets are $150, belts and shirts/sweaters are $100, and shorts, pants, skirts, tanks, polos and vests are all $50. Leathers are also all individually marked.

For a better idea on bags, one of the cheapest is a coral and green snakeskin cross body bag for $250 (from $3,159), and a yellow snakeskin satchel with outside pockets for $400 (from $4,169). Men's bags start at $300 and go up to $1,000. Shoes run from $100 to $250, and sunglasses are just $25. Note that there's a two bag max per person, and you can only take eight items in the dressing room. When we left, there was no line to get in.
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