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200+ Places to Shop Over the Long Holiday Weekend

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Now that you've made it through most of the short work week, it's time to really hammer down those Fourth of July plans. If the beach is too crowded or the BBQ plans fall through, there's always the option to simply shop the weekend away. After the jump, we've rounded up a handful of our most recent maps and lists, so that you know exactly where to spend, save, and splurge for the next few days—whether that be on home goods, a new bathing suit, or summer sandals.

The 38s:
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· New York City's 38 Best Home Goods and Furniture Stores
· New York City's 38 Best Vintage Stores
· New York's 38 Best Beauty Stores, Spas, and Salons

Shoes, Bathing Suits, Jewelry, and More
· Nine Places to Shop for Summer Sandals in NYC
· Thirteen Places to Shop for Bathing Suits in New York City
· From Cheap to Boutique: Where to Buy Denim in NYC
· Find the Perfect Piece at These Ten NYC Jewelry Boutiques
· Seventeen Places to Shop For Activewear in New York City