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H&M Opens in Downtown Brooklyn With a Block Party, Free Food

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H&M is opening its long-awaited Fulton Street store today with a block party, free gift cards, and more. Racked Associate Editor Nicola Fumo ventured to Downtown Brooklyn to see exactly how the mega chain plans to christen its second home in the borough.

11:40am: So it's absolutely crazy outside, with blaring music. The staff is dancing, and the line is, like, two blocks long.

11:45am: As a reminder, the store is giving away "Access to Fashion Passes," valued from $10 to $300, to the first 300 shoppers in line. (We originally heard it would be the first 250 people.)

11:53am: We were just told by H&M's PR that the collections that have sold out in the other NYC stores—like the Beyoncé and Festival collections—are here at the Downtown Brooklyn store. $4.99 bikinis!

11:55am: Five minutes to go before the store opens—the emcee just requested that the crowd "get turnt up." Biggie's "Where Brooklyn At" is in the DJ's mix.

12:10am: As expected, the store's packed. And you need a receipt to get into the block party, FYI.

12:15pm: Just got to the block party! There's balloon making! And People's Pops, Asiadog, and Baby Got Back Ribs. Free food! People are still inside shopping so the block party's pretty empty right now.

12:25pm: American Eagle has staffers here handing out $10 postcards, just in case you'd like to shop more.

12:35pm: And on that note, we're going to eat! The party runs from 5pm tonight if you're planning to kick off your Fourth early.
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497-501 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY