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Clarification on That Grooming Jumble: F.S.C. Now Fellow Barber

Earlier this month at the site of what will now be called Fellow Barber
Earlier this month at the site of what will now be called Fellow Barber

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Earlier this week, a confusing jumble at 8 Rivington Street stirred up some questions regarding Freeman's Sporting Club and its associated barbershops. It has since been revealed that F.S.C. Barber will rebrand as Fellow Barber.

The name change is partly a result of a split between owner Sam Buffa and longtime partner, Freeman's restaurant owner Taavo Somer. Somer will keep the Rivington Street location—which is simply called Barbershop—while Buffa's barbershop will open tomorrow on Crosby Street.

The moniker update also serves to better announce the idea of haircut-as-ritual Buffa discovered in Italy. The renaming "goes back to the idea of bringing different people together. It's the idea of your fellow barber, your fellow worker, the other guy in the chair. This idea of community—talking and hanging out."

With the title change comes aesthetic changes, too: think fewer mason jars and antiqued wood details, and more metal and mirrors. The new location—which calls similarly-minded Saturdays Surf and Bonobos neighbors—boasts a 600 square foot outdoor patio and will offer grooming guides akin to women's beauty advisors. By the end of the year, Buffa will launch his own line of Fellow Barber grooming products.
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