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Inspect The Merch Carefully At The Theory, Helmut Lang Sale

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In case you happened to miss the myriad sales Theory and Helmut Lang have already had this season, these brands just kicked off a joint sale at Clothingline this morning. The good news? Prices here are cheaper than anything they've had so far. The bad news? All of the merchandise is damaged or irregular, so you'll really have to check out each item before buying.

What does "damaged and irregulars" mean, exactly? Most often, the clothing has stains, snags, or pulls, or was manufactured incorrectly. While some of the merch has tags that specify the damage or a piece of colored tape on the damaged spot, most items do not—it's up to you to figure out what's wrong, if anything, with each item.

When we walked through the sale, we kept an eye out for damages, and found them on a lot of pieces we picked up—snags were especially common on a lot of the knit sweaters and tops. Also keep in mind that sizes may be improperly marked, so try on everything in the dressing room before buying.

For women's clothing, prices are the same for both brands: short and long-sleeved tops are $45, and sweaters are $50, as are all bottoms. Dresses are $65, and blazers are $80. We saw a lot of blazers for women here, and considering their retail price, they're likely the best deal at this sale. There's also a good selection of dresses toward the front.

There are also Theory items for men, with shirts for $45, sweaters, shorts, and pants for $50, and blazers at $100. The best bet is button-down shirts, of which there's plenty of colorful options to choose from. Don't count on finding shorts, though—we only saw about a dozen pairs on one rack.

A sales associate told us that there is some back stock left to put out, so you may want to check back later in the week for more options. This sale is going through Thursday.—Laura Gurfein
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