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Fivestory's Off-Site Sale Is 80% Off But Certainly Not Cheap

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While the Fivestory off-site sale doesn't open to the public until Monday at 10am, we stopped by this weekend to preview the goods. The sale is held at the charming Blakely Hotel and feels like shopping your BFF's closet—if she had a perfectly curated closet of designers from around the world and lives in a penthouse on the outskirts of NYC's Theater District. Items in both rooms are marked with blue stickers: light blue indicates 60% off, dark blue is 80% off. While this certainly cuts a dent into the store's pricey pieces, don't expect to escape from the sale without your credit card being charged upwards of $100... for one item.

Once you're inside the penthouse, you'll find women's apparel and accessories to your right. A Thakoon dress that was $2,100 is priced at $420, a Risto jacket that was $550 is going for $110, and a striped Faith Connexion sweater is $73, from $365. Pants, skirts, accessories, and scarves are all readily available.

In the same area as womenswear, you'll also find children's clothing. Baby brands such as Chloe, Mini Rodini and Bellrose line a table and several racks. Everything from dresses, bibs, and even teeny tiny bikinis are available.

For women's shoes and men's everything, take a left into the next room. From Tania Spinelli to Del Toro, you'll find a selection of shoes in a variety of sizes for both men and women. Footwear styles range from everyday casual to special occasion.

In the men's section, shirts and sweaters were arranged on the suite's bed, button downs on the dresser, and ties draped over the corner chair. Baruch Shemtov ties were available in a rainbow of colors, starting at $150 each. We overhead a sales rep saying that the only merchandise that will be added to the sale will be menswear—other than that, what you see is what you get.—Jessica Tiare Bowen
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