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This $14 Tool Gives You Perfectly Separated Lashes

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Today's Editor's Pick comes from Racked Philly editor Julie Davis.

Brow Comb #21, $14 at Sephora

Despite the promises of cosmetics commercials that blare from my TV, I've yet to find a mascara that delivers clumpless lashes straight out of the tube. I've come to terms with this sad fact—but only because I've found a way to side-step those inky globs in the first place.

A brow and lash comb, like Sephora's Brow Comb #21, has been a staple in my cosmetics kit since I was in high school. The bristle side is great for brushing unruly brows, while the fine-toothed side is best for combing lashes. It's really simple: To get separated lashes, just run the fine-toothed side through your lashes before and after applying your mascara. And be sure to wipe the excess mascara off the mascara brush before you apply.
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