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Scoping Out the Goods at J.Crew's 30%-Off-Sale Promotion

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If you couldn't make it to the J.Crew sample sale last month (or you chose not to wait in the tremendous lines), you can still get your discount fix with the brand's 30%-off-sale promotion.

One of the biggest complains we hear about the brand's sample sale is that the deals aren't really that great, and often times the prices are better in-store during the final sale promo. To investigate whether or not that's true right now, we headed downtown to the women's store on Prince Street.

As expected, we saw lots of lightweight linen sweaters starting at $39.99, as well as two-pocket silk blouses for $79.99. Shorts, pants, and denim also offer the best bang for your buck, with the prices varying with colors and styles.

Button-downs, tees, and cashmere sweaters are in abundance at the sale, but neither the styles or the pricing are terribly exciting. Assorted summer shoe styles (that all run about $100, more or less) line a wall, along with a small collection of accessories (iPhone cases, scarves, purses, etc.) and jewelry.

Keep in mind that the some of the merchandise will get second markdowns, so it may be worth it to visit later in the week if you're underwhelmed with what's in stock now.—Cady Lang
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