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Rick Owens Explains His Pop-Up Shop to The Times

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Rick Owens' ephemere opened Tuesday on Wooster Street. In case you missed it, that's his fancy French word for pop-up shop, and it's dedicated to his diffusion line, DRKSHDW. Naturally, The Times scoped it out, yielding even more surprisingly hilarious, self-aware remarks from Mr. Owens.

On the lack of vowels in DRKSHDW: "I like reducing things to what's essential. I like erasing the unnecessary, doing things shorthand and getting to the point."

On brand building: "It's not like we're Armani or something," Owens explained of the decision to dedicate the first freestanding space to the rapidly expanding sub-brand.

On the aesthetic: Despite describing the look as "workers' uniforms from an Art Deco prison," the designer says, "I'm very pragmatic when it comes to clothes. Even when I'm doing the women's runway, which should be the most outré, I'm thinking about what people wear in summer. They want tank tops and shorts."

On personal growth: "I'm more into fun now... I feel like I can afford to be a little more playful now."
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70-72 Wooster Street, NY, NY