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Abercrombie Reopens in FiDi; Beyoncé's Target Shopping Trip

Gap on Fifth Avenue. Photo by Brian Harkin
Gap on Fifth Avenue. Photo by Brian Harkin

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· Abercrombie, Superdry reopen at the Seaport post-Sandy [Tribeca Citizen]
· Rebecca Minkoff buys Dumbo home for $1.82 million [TRD]
· Duncan Quinn trades Spring Street for Kenmare [Bowery Boogie]
· Costume shop allegedly deemed "too sexual" for Hasidic landlord [DNAinfo]

· Beyoncé spotted shopping at Target, hysteria ensues on the Internet [HuffPo]
· Luxury consignment e-tailer Vaunte is getting an LA outpost [WWD]
· Analyzing the future of three-dimensional fashion [The Cut]

· Kate Moss reveals her daughter's Devil Wears Prada ambitions [Telegraph]
· Has Pope Francis changed the face of Italian fashion? [Vogue UK]