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Meet the Stylish Crowd From Saturday's Alexander Wang Event

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Photos by Rebecca Dale

Saturday's secret Alexander Wang event turned out to be a clothing giveaway, with a line that started at 7am (for the 2pm opening time). Because there were zero hints given about what the event would entail, a lot of people showed up pretty well-dressed, expecting some sort of party, campaign shoot, or concert. Unfortunately, a lot of those people lined up for nothing, as only about 150 or so were let in.

So—was it a PR snafu? Many have argued that the brand should have cut the line off when they knew they had reached capacity, even though they were clear from the beginning that there would be limited entry. Others, mostly those who got in, were thrilled with the idea of boxes of free clothes. Check out those happy campers in the gallery above, and sound off with your own opinion below.
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