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Long Island City Is Getting Its Very Own Flea Market

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Overshadowed in terms of shopping by Brooklyn and Manhattan, Long Island City will debut its very own weekend flea market next week. The WSJ reports: "Market organizers and local business owners hope the new venture will bolster Long Island City's appeal with offerings to compare with Brooklyn and Manhattan's trendy neighborhoods, as well as help keep residents in their own backyards for dining and shopping."

The LIC Flea & Food will open on June 15th along the LIC waterfront, and run every weekend through mid-November. Out of the sixty vendors, roughly half will sell food and almost all of them will be from Queens. Local retailers nearby don't seem worried the flea will take away business; Donna Drimer, owner of the gift shop Matted, says, "I'm the only retailer here and I don't think that will change any time soon."
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LIC Flea & Food

5-22 46th Avenue, Long Island City, NY