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Drapey Dresses Run From $125 to $225 at the Nicholas K Sale

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The Nicholas K sample sale starts today, and we popped by yesterday to check out the merchandise. All items are priced as marked, and they're also color coded so there's no mistaking the cost. The layout is women's on the left, with men's on the right, and though you won't find basement bargain prices, you will find a good selection of merchandise for both sexes.

There are hidden areas throughout the sale that contain special deals, so we'll hit those first. There's a bin of sunglasses near the check out that has Ray Ban aviator styles for $75 and cute clear frames for $25. There's also a rack of runway samples and some accessories near the stairwell downstairs. We spotted a beautiful men's leather jacket for $175 and some leather scarves for $25. Some are damaged, which are marked on each item with a small note near the area.

In the women's section, we found sequined pieces starting at $50, knit shorts for $75, and a lot of other items worth flipping through. Sizes run from extra small through large, and pants run from 0 through 10. There were plenty of sizes offered in each category when we stopped by, and they'll also be restocking.

The merch is arranged by color, and if you need a dress you'll find a bunch of those priced from $125 to $225. Styles range from short to long and are available in everything from cotton to silk. Standouts included a gorgeous long tiered flowing sundress for $175 and a super chic white jersey combo dress for $125. Besides the dresses, women can find shorts, skirts, and pants, all at $75. Sweaters are going for a higher $175.

The Men's side has leather jackets for $350 (no leather for the ladies), some blazers for $175, and super soft pocket tees for $50. For sizing, guys get smalls through extra larges, and pants from 28 through 36. If you didn't find any leather in the back, you can get other outerwear from $175 to $225 in the form of heavier layered coats and some lighter windbreakers.

Tees, shorts, and pants are all $75. Button downs will cost you $125 and sweaters are $175. Our finds here include a stylized pair of convertible pants that zip off into shorts for $75, and a perfect for-anything pair of shorts for $75.

In the shoe section, ladies get strappy leather and suede wedges in sizes 39 through 42 (sorry, small feet). Men get more of a selection with everything from sandals to boots in sizes 9 through 11. All shoes are $150.

There are no dressing rooms, but there is a large mirror next to the check out area to help you decide. They will be restocking the styles throughout. The sale runs through Sunday at 6pm; check out the dealfeed below for more info.—Mickey Sery
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