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The Ultra-Chic, Goes-With-Everything Summer Sandal

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Today's pick comes from Racked Interim Editorial Director Leslie Price.

Dolce Vita "Banks" snake-charm sandal, $69.30 at Last Call Neiman Marcus

Whenever I visit my parents at their home in rural Pennsylvania, I try to find time to slip away to the nearby and semi-new Philadelphia Premium Outlets. Charmingly located next to a freeway and in the looming shadow of a nuclear power plant, they nevertheless offer a few compelling reasons to visit, one of which is an unplundered Last Call by Neiman Marcus.

I was just there recently and found a ton of stuff, but my favorite purchase was this stylish Dolce Vita flat sandal. It's got a very low metallic heel—so on-trend, guys—and I dig the weird snake thing happening on the front. They're very bohemian, ridiculously comfortable, and make your foot look skinny. Snap them up now on the retailer's site for just $69.30.
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Dolce Vita

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