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The Line for the YSL Sample Sale Started at 11pm Last Night

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The YSL sample sale opens to the public at 9am today, and the early word from yesterday's VIP portion is that the prices have seen a significant hike. Dedicated Racked NY contributor Joy Fan has been on the scene at Soiffer Haskin since 5am. Read on for full report from the line.

7:05am: Good morning! I got here a little after 5am. The line wasn't too bad, but it was going in the wrong direction. Only about 30 people ahead of me. I have roughly the same spot I had last year, even though I got here over half an hour later.

7:35am: The first two people in line got here at 11pm. They're no strangers to camping out: they waited a full 24 hours for the H&M x Margiela collab. They hope to score denim and shoes. At least they look comfortable.

7:45am: Speaking of comfortable, I dare say these two make sleeping on the street look pretty good. They were kind enough to let me interrupt their slumber to snap a photo. They got here at 3:30am, and their pillows are courtesy of a generous donation from a man moving out of a neighboring apartment.

8am: Around 7am, we had out first "she wasn't here before" spat of the morning. The first people who lined up are men. The second group of people to arrive didn't come until 1am.

8:06am: There are just over 200 people in line now. The line's about three-fourths of the way to Ninth Avenue. It's still nothing compared to October.

The aforementioned spat

8:12am: The line survived two migrations earlier. One was to the other side of the street around 7am.

8:13am: I overhear two girls talking about the Saint Laurent bags they hope to find. They obviously did not read our review from last night. I can't bring myself to break it to them.

8:15am: Uh oh. It looks like rain. Soiffer Haskin is equipping their employees with umbrellas.

8:24am: False alarm, the sun's back out.

8:30am: About 40 people have joined the line in the past half hour. That's 1.3 per minute, if we're going to get scientific about it.

8:37am: The first group of people is in the building for the bag check! The people around me are starting to devise their game plans.

8:45am: And I'm in! About to check my bag now. Stay tuned!

Update: The line at 10:15am at the 200ish mark, roughly three-fourths of the way down to Ninth Avenue.

Update #2: Here's our full report from inside!

Soiffer Haskin

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