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Get Your Summer Sandal Fix at the Matt Bernson Sample Sale

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The Matt Bernson summer sale opened to the public this morning, and we stopped by the friends and family portion yesterday to check out the goods. We learned that the merchandise on sale includes current styles, and they're more than 60% off. The catch? There isn't much to go around.

Most of what's available are leather summer sandals, along with some flats and wedges. Highlights include the KM Gladiator for $60, down from $169. While there are a few sizes available in black, there was only one tan pair in a size 6. Another popular but limited shoe is the Izabel, also for $60 (originally $175). The Love sandal, available in black and various tie-dye colors, is $50.

Along the back wall, there are ten different shoe styles for men for $80, down from $250. There's also a small selection of women's fall booties for $40 to $80. And in the front of the venue, there's some beaded jewelry laid out in shoeboxes going for $10-$15, down from $45.

All the shoe styles are laid out on the table—ask one of the friendly sales associates in neon yellow shirts to find sizes for you from the stacks of boxes behind them. The space is covered with huge posters bearing images of the styles and the prices. It's cash only, and your purchases will be bagged in Whole Foods bags from the holiday season—because the grocery store isn't getting enough exposure, joked Matt, who was on hand at the sale along with his adorable baby.—Laura Gurfein
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Matt Bernson

20 Harrison Street, New York, NY 10013