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Don't Even Bother Trying to Get Into the YSL Sample Sale Today

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Going off a tip from the Madison Avenue Spy, we went to the VIP portion of the YSL sample sale at Soiffer Haskin this afternoon—or rather, we tried to. When we attempted to open the locked door, a man barely cracked open the entrance to tell us that the VIP pre-sale would start at 4pm, and they'll be checking the list thoroughly. He then gestured across the street, where a line of about six people had already formed.

Shortly after, two stern-looking employees in suits came out to check that these die-hard YSL fans were indeed on the list, having them spell out first and last names. Meanwhile, the man inside was giving another woman the same lecture he had just given us. In short—wait until tomorrow at 9am.—Laura Gurfein
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Soiffer Haskin

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