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Updated: What We Learned From Stalking VIPs at the YSL Sale

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Unfortunately we weren't able to charm our way into the VIP portion of the YSL sample sale earlier today. However, there are plenty of people who were invited to the sale, and luckily for us, they were happy to share. Note that all the details that follow has been culled from shoppers who made it inside.

First off, we hear that this is definitely a Yves Saint Laurent sale, and that none of Hedi Slimane's designs were up for grabs. However, we did notice that the shopping bags are a lot nicer this year. Gone are the nondescript brown paper bags—now, you get to let everyone know exactly where you went shopping.

(Update: We've posted our full report from inside on opening day here.)

Perhaps these nicer shopping bags are a clever way to manipulate us into thinking we're getting a better deal, because the prices are much, much higher this year. One change is that the venue has done away with the categorized price list; every item is now individually marked.

In the shoe section, most heels are $350 or $399. We were told that there are lots of gold and silver Tributes for $550, up from $350. (Note that Mizhattan's tipsters report they're $399, so it's unclear if some are priced higher.) The blush Palais pumps that were abundant at the last sale are now $299 (up from $200). Boots appeared to be the best deals, and the ones we were shown were $350.

Bags included leftover Muse Twos from the last sale, but also at an inflated price point. Not a lot of people were looking through them, probably because the selection started at around $700. Women's RTW wasn't spared either, and we were told there were also a lot of leftovers from the last sale.

Belts are now $150, up from $50. In the men's department, one shopper was kind enough to show us his new $150 sunglasses (up from $75) and $629 boots. He also let us know that there was very limited clothing for men.

If recycled merchandise and high prices still don't deter you from lining up at an ungodly hour tomorrow morning, just be sure to get there early. More details can be found in the dealfeed; stay tuned for an opening day report.—Joy Fan
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