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Good News: The Air Conditioning Is Back at the DVF Sample Sale

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After reading that a shopper passed out at the DVF sample sale yesterday due to the lack of air conditioning, we were happy to find that the air is back on today. We stopped by during the lunch rush this afternoon, where there was a line of about 20 shoppers—and by the time we left, it had doubled.

Inside, there's still plenty of colorful merch stuffing the racks, so you'll want to set aside some time to comb through the selections in your size. The sample corner in the back is still pretty stacked as well, though that cooler has been snatched up. The venue has signs posted discouraging shoppers from trying on items in the aisles, so you'll have to wait in that pretty sizable dressing room line. This sales goes through Saturday, and you can check out pricing info and more in our previous coverage.—Laura Gurfein
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