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There's Lots of Merch at the Helmut Lang Sample Sale in Soho

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The Helmut Lang sample sale in Soho opened to the public this morning after yesterday's Gilt City preview, and those early shoppers still left plenty of merchandise for the rest of us. The first thing we noticed when we walked in was the dozen-plus racks of jackets and blazers along the wall to the right, followed by plenty of drapey dresses and several styles of pants to the left.

Prices here are relatively the same as the Clothingline sale earlier this month, and most merchandise is available in a variety of sizes. A sales associate told us that these prices are a 60% markdown, but we did the math on our own for some pieces and found discounts of 70% or more.

Jersey tops and belts, found in plastic bins by the entrance, are both $39, while silk tops and blouses are $89. Dresses run from $119 and go up to $249, depending on the style.

As for those jackets, blazers and non-leather jackets are $199, and leather jackets are $399. Pants are $129 and denim and leggings are $79, while jersey skirts are $49 and skirts and shorts are $99.

We also found a small selection of shoes by the dressing room, not all of which are marked on the pricing sign. Prices start at $166 for sandals and go up to $249 for boots, according to the sales associate. The pricing sign also lists bags, but we didn't see any there.

Like the Clothingline sale, there's a bonus for spending: If you drop $250 or more at the register, you get a free bra. Unlike the Clothingline sale, you don't get a free bra just for making a purchase.

Compared to other sample sales we've attended, shopping at this sale was pleasant because security at the venue kept the crowds inside to a minimum. Unfortunately, that means having to wait in line outside for likely 20 minutes or more, depending on when you stop by. And you'll likely have a similar wait time for that tiny dressing room.

Be prepared to check your bag at the door, though apparently you don't have to check your small dog (check out our photos in the gallery). A sales associate said that all the merchandise is out on the floor, though we heard two other employees talking about "backstock"—but we're guessing that there isn't much of it. This sale runs through Sunday.—Laura Gurfein
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