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Spice Up Your Bouquets at The Little Glass Slipper's Second Store

Photos by Mark Sperry
Photos by Mark Sperry

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We've all heard about the benefits of herbs for our health: increased energy, boosted memory, stronger immune system, and so on. But what can they do for your bridal bouquet? A lot, according to Cary Pereyra, the owner of the boutique floral shop The Little Glass Slipper, which just opened its second location in Greenpoint.

Harking back to ancient Grecian bridal rituals where herbs were used to bring good luck and fend off evil, Pereyra's customized bouquets and floral arrangements are both eye-catching and filled with aromatherapy benefits. Think they can calm a girl down before she becomes a runaway bride? Here's hoping! Check out more photos of the rustic-looking store below.—Laura Gurfein

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