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Prices Are Lower at This Year's Rachel Zoe Sample Sale

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The Rachel Zoe sample sale kicked off today at Chelsea Market, and if you were discouraged by the high prices at last year's sale, don't be so quick to dismiss this one. It looks like the stylist-cum-designer/reality TV star/mom got the hint, and this time around all the merchandise is 70% off.

Just to the left as you enter, you'll find cotton and sequin tops for $34.50-$74.50, and there are also silk sleeveless tops for $55.80-$88.50. Sweater tops are $55.80-$118.50. These prices are much better than last year, where tops were $100.

There's also a rack full of green blazers starting at $79.50, and black and black-and-white leopard-print blazers starting at $106.50. We saw a very Rachel Zoe-esque sparkly sequin jacket for $130, and there was also a small selection of leather jackets starting at $238.50.

For your bottom half, shorts are $52.50 and skirts are $67.50, though there isn't much of a range of patterns or styles. Regular pants start at $73.50, and silky pants start at $67.50. For dresses, short styles go for $82.50-$112.50, and longer styles for $97.50-$247.50 (last time, dresses were $175).

Just in front of the dressing room are a few racks of samples and irregular fits. Sweaters and blouses are $40, leather pants are $40, dresses are $55, sequin tops and dresses are $75, and leather jackets are $125—though we saw a woman scooping up nearly all of these jackets when we were there.

It's important to note that there are no shoes or accessories at this sale, and merchandise is available in sizes 0-12. There isn't a very large selection of product here, and a sales associate told us there isn't much left to put out—just some more sample pants and sweaters, and a few extra sizes of other pieces.

Don't expect prices to drop during this sale, as they did last time around—the sales associate said that she isn't expecting this merchandise to hang around for long. The sale runs through Saturday.—Laura Gurfein
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