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The J.Crew Sample Sale Is Packed With Merchandise

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Like clockwork, the J.Crew seasonal sample sale is back for another round. Those of you that enjoy J.Crew's preppy chic aesthetic will be pleased to hear that this one has as much quantity and quality as past seasons. It's bursting at the seams with merchandise for about 60% to 70% off and offers up something for everyone from all of J.Crew's brands, including J.Crew Factory, J.Crew Collection, and Madewell.

Before we delve into details, let's talk about the big picture: As usual, there's no set price list for clothing, but there are rough categories that set pricing standards across types of items, and that pricing is consistent across the various brands (except J.Crew Collection, which is priced as marked). This means you could have a basic J.Crew Factory button-front shirt and a much more pricey J.Crew silk blouse offered at the same price. Prices aren't totally rock bottom, so you'll want to make informed decisions.

This is generally a true sample sale, so inspect your purchases! We didn't see many damaged pieces, but we did spot a pair of cafe capris that had a seat entirely held together with safety pins. While at past J.Crew sales the racks have been roughly organized by size, we didn't see that same level of detail this time around (probably because there is just so much merchandise), so be prepared to look through racks and racks.

The ladies' selection is right upon entering the sales floor. While J.Crew and J.Crew Factory items are mixed together, the Madewell and J.Crew Collection items have dedicated racks throughout the sale. Some of our favorite pieces included parrot print blouses for $25, pastel basket weave cafe capris for $70, and a strapless seersucker dress from the weddings collection for $60. There are also tons of cotton and linen blend sweaters for $30, casual outerwear for $60, and casual dresses for $30.

Guys, your offerings are toward the front left of the showroom. The merchandise is pretty solid, with blazers for $110 and suiting bottoms for $70. We also spotted rack upon rack of white, plaid, striped, and gingham button-front shirts for $25 apiece. The biggest bargains are the chinos, khakis, and corduroy pants, available for $25. There's also a limited selection of casual spring outwear ringing in for about $60. You'll find a small guys' accessories selection located right before you hit the kids' section at the back of the sale.

Toward the back you'll find loads of shoes, scarves, and hats. This time around, the selection of pumps is particularly solid, with lots of bright colors, metallics, and glittery options, all priced at $100. We also enjoyed the selection of big floppy sunhats for $15.

Along the cash register are handbags, jewels, and other small accessories. We've got tons of snaps in our gallery, so you can peep the baubles for yourselves. We honed in on a versatile metallic glittery clutch for $60 and a colorblocked basket bag for $45.

The sale is open daily from 10am to 9pm through Saturday, June 22nd and from 12pm to 5pm on Sunday June 23rd at 260 Fifth Avenue. Sorry, we didn't spot any fitting rooms or mirrors. All bags and coats must be checked upon entrance; cash and credit are accepted.—Kiran
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