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VFILES Launches a Bling Ring Collection in an Evidence Bag

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Images via VFILES

Sophia Coppola's Bling Ring opens in New York today, and VFILES has launched a special collection to commemorate the flick. Based on the film's major themes—teenagedom, late-2000's Young Hollywood, theft—the collection is comprised of sweat shorts, Ring Pops, and nail wraps all packaged in an evidence bag for $99.

The shorts, made by Coppola's former clothing line, Milkfed, have quotes from the movie on the butt: "Let's go to Paris," "I Wanna Rob," and "What Did Lindsay Say?" The NCLA nail wraps declare "Rich Bitch" and flaunt Starbucks logos (so big in 2008). In the gallery above, a look at the goods.
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