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The Rain Didn't Deter Shoppers at the Mara Hoffman Sample Sale

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Despite the gray weather this morning, shoppers at the Mara Hoffman sample sale were looking ahead to sunnier days and wardrobes. Though there wasn't a line outside when we showed up a few minutes after the scheduled opening, it was clear that dozens of devoted fans of the brand's bright prints had stuck it out through the rain to get in first.

When we first walked in, we thought the swimsuit selection had been decimated—all we saw were maxi dresses tagged for $150. But a sales associate pointed out that most of the swimwear is in labeled bins toward the back, concealed by lines for the fitting room and checkout. Be prepared to dig to find your size and matching tops/bottoms. Prices start at $30 for individual pieces, but some of the signs had us a bit confused. While other bins were marked $50 and up, we found pieces marked for $45 in there—though it's likely that pieces got mixed up in the morning melee.

The ready-to-wear selection is bright and colorful, and the staff is doing their best to keep it all organized. Most prices are marked with plastic tags, color-coordinated to pricing charts on the wall, but some pieces have tags with handwritten pricing. We saw mini dresses with cute cutouts starting at $75, silky tops for $80, bright leggings starting at $50, and shorts and skirts for $80. And halfway through the sale, we still saw a lot of sizes.

The staff assured us that they have plenty more swimsuits to roll out as the sale continues. While there's no guarantee that Ms. Hoffman herself will show up again—she was there for the friends & family portion—she's been known to pop in and out, even working the fitting rooms. You can check it all out through Saturday.—Laura Gurfein
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