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Day Three of the Rag & Bone Sale Was Way Less Crazy

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Thankfully, day three of the Rag & Bone sample sale proved less hectic than the first day. We arrived at Chelsea Market (the front door entrance, not the door on 16th Street) this afternoon and were pleasantly surprised that we weren't overwhelmed by mobs of shoppers. There was, however, still a lot of merch.

The sweater and T-shirt tables proved to be the most popular sections when we were there, but the staff was doing a good job of keeping it organized and folded. The racks of blazers, bottoms, tops, and dresses in the women's section are still well-stocked. The accessories seemed to cover a lot of surface area, and the shoe shelf still had various styles, including Newbury booties in gray, blue, black, and green. As for the denim, smaller sizes are still available in some of the more adventurous colors, and we did see some 25s for staples like black denim.

In the men's section, the selection still felt full, especially for button-downs, blazers, jackets, and pants. The accessories are also well-stocked, and there's a lot of denim. Peek through the gallery above for close-ups.

The prices are all still the same (you can check out the complete rundown of those here). The sale ends Sunday at 3pm, which means you still have today, tomorrow, and the rest of the weekend to head over.—Cady Lang
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