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It's all Lace, Silk, and Cozy Basics at the Natori Sample Sale

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There are few things that one always needs, and clean underwear is pretty high on that list. And while we're at it, it might as well be as fancy and frilly as possible. Next might come something to clothe your body post-shower, like a silk robe. And finally, something to wear at home, because seriously, who wants to kick it in jeans on a lazy day when it's just you and your couch? That's where the Natori sample sale comes in. Because it's not everyday that luxuriously plush $400 robes and $300 lace adorned gowns get marked down to $30.

To get the most out the this sale you'll want to head straight for the robes, gowns, and sleepwear in the second room. There are only two rooms, so it's an easy sale to navigate. There you'll find ten racks organized by price, a double-take inducing $10 through $30. More specifically, orange dots are $10, red dots are $15, yellow dots are $20, orange dots are $25, and blue dots are $30.

Seriously through, give yourself plenty of time to look through the merch. We spotted a full rack of $15 robes that look like they're straight out of the spa of our dreams. There are also quite a few $20 black gowns and lacy tops that just ooze "glamorous lady of the house." There are even some snazzy low-cut jumpsuits with slits up each leg, for the totally sexy 1970s lady of leisure.

If the lingerie look isn't your thing, there's a lot of loungewear that will do double duty for coffee trips and errands—like the $30 long stretchy day dresses and the $15 white wrap vests with a black lace back.

Venture a few racks over to find lots of little flirty robes in stripes and painterly color strokes, along with pink silk pants with red splashes on the legs, psychedelic print slips, and funky cape-effect round-cut pajama tops.

Sizes for nearly everything run from one-size-fits-all to XL and above. And dig a little deeper to find a generous amount of samples thrown into the mix. These, thankfully, are just as forgiving and stretchy as the other pieces and could fit up to a M/L.

In the next room you'll find the bras, panties, and swimwear—with the former organized by size (XS-XL and A-DDDD) and the latter in a little box. Starting with the latter, swimwear runs $15 for tops and $10 for bottoms. We spotted bright colors and tops that run true to bra size.

Just above to swimwear is the wall of panties. Every pair is $3 a pop and available in boy cut, thong, and brief styles. And even more specifically, in mesh, lace, silk, and cotton, in everything from basic blacks to animal print. A few feet away are the bras ($7 and $10) and camisoles ($5). The bras come in brights and nudes, laces and silks, and pretty much every other combo you could imagine. It's easy to want to grab your size and go, but take a minute to find matching sets and maybe even a garter to go with it all.

Overall: if it's silk and in your size, just grab it before someone else does, as these prices are too good for regret. There will be restocks, but there won't be price cuts.—Cambrey Thomas
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