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This Season's Tocca Sample Sale Is Not Worth The Trek

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With more sample sales than we can count beckoning your time and asking you to open your wallets this week, we can wholeheartedly recommend that you skip Tocca's semi-annual sale at its far west Chelsea showroom. Our efforts to snap some photos of the goods during yesterday's friends and family preview were entirely thwarted by staffers. But don't fret: despite pricing (50% to 70% off retail), you aren't missing out on much.

Those of you familiar with the brand may know that its ready-to-wear line recently relaunched with a moodier take on its flirty aesthetic with the Tocca Black Label line. Despite the aesthetic shift, the seasonal Tocca sample sale has continued to feature a healthy mix of new and old styles with both sweet and dark styles for vintage-loving mavens. This time around, stock was thinner and the offerings were a little too dreary for our summer wardrobes.

In the past we've found racks overflowing with colorful one-off design and fit samples, as well as some stock pieces. This time around, there was barely half a rack of items per size and the offerings were mostly dark—think black lace and silk sack dresses, tailored dark shorts, and billowy tunics. Amid the sea of black, there were a few lonely white and blue patterned shorts, tunics, and romper styles that seemed to be getting the most play with shoppers.

That said, you may have some luck with the assorted items scattered in the front room. We spotted polka-dotted lingerie, black Italian leather ballet flats, vintage-style handbags, and some assorted knits, but really nothing we would drop our cash on during a sample sale week like this one.

Knits and blouses are priced at $45, jackets are $100, while coats, dresses and rompers are just over $100 a piece. Pricing for the assorted items starts at $15 for soft bras, but go up from there.

If you're after Tocca's signature candles and fragrance items, know that they are already out of the popular 3-wick candles but there are plenty of single wick candles ($10 to $20), solid perfumes ($15), and body lotions and creams ($5 to $30) in a limited variety of the brand's signature scents. There is also an overwhelming variety of laundry-related products.

While the selection is disappointing, it may be worth popping by for some beauty and fragrance items if you're already in the neighborhood. The sale runs through Friday, June 14th at 542 West 22nd Street (third floor, turn left from the elevator) between Tenth and Eleventh Avenues. There's a curtained communal fitting room with full length mirrors.—Kiran
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Tocca Sample Sale

542 West 22nd Street, New York, New York