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The Rag & Bone Sample Sale Begins With Wall to Wall People

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The Rag & Bone sample sale is back, and after checking out the first half of Friends and Family day we have one word for you: Xanax. If you're going to this sale you might want to pop whatever calming meds you got, as it's a lot of product, prices, and people in one place. We've been to this sale before, and today was more chaotic than we remembered. "Friends and Family" is a loose term, since anyone walking by can enter from the Chelsea Market entrance. The original entrance was listed on 16th Street, but the staff opened up the Market side entrance about an hour into the sale.

Women's is on the upper level, with men's on the lower level. Almost all sizes are available in all areas. There are separate fitting rooms for both sexes, but after the line started for the women's fitting room we saw a lot of ladies changing out in the open. Prices are listed on signage throughout the sale. Pay attention, as certain sections get more specific prices. Since pricing is always a topic of conversation with this sale, let's just say we saw some items that are currently available in other stores for less than priced here. Having said all that, you can still find some good deals if you take the time to go through it.

Ladies: there are some great shoes going for $150 to $295. Pilot bags are available from $357 to $435, but only in bright colors. There are really awesome dresses for $195, including a leather combo dresses for $350. Jeans are aplenty with denim cut-off shorts going for $75, regular jeans for $95, and leather combo denim for $395. The denim bar is also where you can grab leather shorts for $250.

If you're looking for outerwear, you'll find jean jackets and blazers for $125, coats and heavier jackets for $295, and leathers for $595. The Rag & Bone JEAN label gets different price points on a lot of the goods, so make sure to check those lists or ask the staff to determine what you'll end up spending.

Guys, your section is a little more civilized but not by the knit table that has tank tops and tees for $40. Shorts range from $75 to $98. There's a slew of $65 belts, hats, and sunglasses. Guys get a much better selection of bags for $150 to $250. There are a ton of button ups for $98. Vest and pants are $125, blazers and jackets are $250, and outerwear is $395 to $595. The men's footwear selection is skimpy, but the available shoes are $125 to $195.

If shopping stresses you out in the least, you might want to wait a day or so before stopping by. Don't bring a backpack or your parents (we saw a lot of both) as these will just slow you down. The checkout line goes really fast, and the staff is the friendliest and helpful we've ever encountered. Give yourself a full hour if not a full afternoon here. The sale goes to 8pm tonight, and officially opens tomorrow at 11am.—Mickey Sery
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