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Can You Register For Your Wedding at Comme des Garçons?

Photo by Brian Harkin
Photo by Brian Harkin

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It's 2013: time to step back and re-evaluate what a New York bride really needs. Sure, a high-power juicer would be great, but wouldn't you get more use out of a pair of Rachel Comey sandals? For the third year in a row, we attempted to register for an imaginary wedding at some of our favorite non-traditional stores in New York City.

Charlotte Olympia: "Sure, can you hold on one second?" Transfers phone to manager. "Yeah, yeah sure. The only thing is that since we only get one pair per size, if other clients came in and wanted the shoes that you put on your list, they would come before you."

Comme des Garçons: "Hold on one sec, let me get my manager." Gives manager the phone. "You could, but we have no real way of doing that. You could see what you want, but there's no photo taking in the store, which makes it harder to facilitate. You could put stuff under your name, and they can come into the store and get it for you. Also, no items can be held since we're on sale at the moment until mid-July."

Bird: "Yeah, of course; it's something that we've tried to do before. We don't have an official system, but we could work with you personally. The only thing is your timeline is important since they don't buy lots of one item; no guarantee that you would get what you signed up for; when are you getting married?"

Ikea: "Say it again , ma'am? Oh. Oh no. You could go online and make a shopping list and print that out and send it with your invitations, but we don't have an official registry."

Eataly: "I'm sorry?what? No, we don't have a registry. If you want to tell your friends what you want, and give them a list, then fine. But we don't do that."

Conclusion: When it comes to cheeky fashion labels and and indie boutiques, NYC is the place that will indulge even the craziest requests from stylish brides-to-be. Gourmet foodies and those looking to assemble their own purchases from Ikea, however, are better off putting in their requests at Bird.—Cady Lang
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