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The Abridged Version of Today's Insane Manolo Blahnik Sale

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If you're asking yourself what the hell happened at the Manolo sale?, let us fill you in. The short version is that the morning was a madhouse. (And the longer version can be found here.) Basically, everything was in complete disarray—there was a sign-in sheet, then a ticketing system, and then anyone who left the waiting room couldn't come back. At one point, hotel guests had to show proof of their room, so pretending to be one of them wasn't going to work.

Joy Fan, our reporter who was on scene from 7:30am until a little after noon, tells us that size 37s will have the most luck, but there's nothing left for 38s, 39s, and 39.5s. There are a lot of winter boots, but absolutely no BB pumps, and shoes with ornamentation are mostly in sizes 36.5 and below or 40.5 and above. Click through the gallery above for a quick photo tour of inside the sale.

However, if you didn't show up this morning, it's almost definitely not worth heading over now. As one of our commenters explains: "If you weren't already inside (and on the list) when the hotel stopped letting people in, you're pretty much out of luck. If you're on the list and left, they may not let you back in. I also saw someone who was in the waiting area but not on the list and she had to leave since they said the sale would be closed to those not already on the list."
· Updated: The Line and Stock at the Manolo Blahnik Sample Sale [Racked NY]

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