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Turns Out the Apple Store's Glass Cube Isn't Waterproof

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Image via NY Post/Errol Rappaport

You didn't imagine it: today's rain is of biblical proportions. It even managed to flood the glass cube that is the Fifth Avenue Apple Store. Flood might be a touch dramatic, but customer Errol Rappaport, 68, told The Post, "There was a leak then—boom—the whole thing opened up out of the ceiling." This was at 5:45am, because that is when 68-year-old men patron the 24 hours-a-day Apple Store.

Rappaport reports that Apple employees quickly got to work removing the water, and by 10am most of it had been mopped up. One employee blames last year's roof construction: "They didn't do it right. There are large flat stones up there [that you walk across as you go into the store]. And with the heavy rain this morning, [the water] came through." Another employee blames the store drainage. Whatever the cause, the store remained open through the episode and all electronics—and humans—seem to have survived.
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