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Most of the Shipley & Halmos Sample Sale Is Under $100

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The crew at Shipley & Halmos let us take a sneak peek their sample sale yesterday, so we could get you all the deets on the great shopping for guys before it opens today at noon. First up, the space is freaking awesome. It's stylized in a way that makes you feel like you're in one of your cool friend's apartments. There are no dressing rooms, but there is a huge mirror that many people can share at one time.

The goods are mostly from past seasons, but the brand will be restocking throughout the sale. There are lightweight and heavyweight options in all categories, so you can definitely find something suitable for every season.

When you walk in on your left you'll find the accessories and shoes. There are socks for $10, ties at $35, belts for $45, and even some sweet briefcases we previously saw in stores for $325 going for $100.

Moving on down the line, you'll come across an impressive lineup of shoes. The offerings range from heavy duty trekking boots ($100) to leather and suede lace-ups that will only set you back $85. Sizes are available in everything from a 7 through a 13. (The majority of the sizes are 9 and 12, though.) If you're a 12 and know the pains of finding good shoes on sale, make any excuse to get to this one.

After the shoes, you'll find the clothes. Pant sizes run from 28 through 36. Here, we saw denim, cords, cotton five-pockets, and dress pants. There are a few shorts offered, so if you're in need of those grab what you see fast. Most of the pants will cost you $75. The only thing to watch out for are the wool suit pants, which are $100.

After pants, you'll come to the tees and polos section, where you'll find sizes from small to extra large. Prices are $35 for the short-sleeve options and $45 for the long-sleeves. Offered up are tees, henleys, polos and some waffle knits in both sleeve lengths. We saw some great summer options, including a colorful two toned pocket tee that's sure to dust off those rainy-day blues we've all been suffering through.

Keep going and you'll see the sweaters. At first glance it might look like all heavy weight options, but that's so not the case. Start flipping through the goods and you can find some lighter styles that would be great for an evening on the beach. We came across an awesome light brown and black striped v-neck, and then an amazing cardigan with leather elbow patches that's great for layering. Sizes available in this section go from small to extra large. All sweaters are $85.

Next up are the wovens, aka the button downs. You get short sleeve and long sleeves here, again ranging from small to extra large. All the button downs are $65. We found many short sleeves that'll help you out come the hot season. We also found a perfect short sleeve chambray that would look great on a casual night out. If you're a fan of their long sleeve button-ups, you get many options for work or play.

Now we move onto outerwear. If you're looking for a deal, this is the section to hit first. All sizes, from small to extra large, are available. We saw windbreakers, raincoats, puffers, overcoats, and some leathers. Standout finds in here include a killer black leather jacket and a blue and yellow varsity hooded jacket that we wanted to snag right on the spot. (Luckily for you, we weren't allowed to shop.) Outerwear will cost you $200 with leathers at $250. Since the S&H leathers usually cost around $800 to $900 in store, these are an off-season steal.

The end of the offerings (the first if you start on the right when you walk in) are the suit jackets. Jacket sizes go from a 36 to a 44. Cotton blazers are $150 with wool ones at $200. If you're after a full suit, you'll have to match the jackets with the pants at the opposite side of the space. (See what they have in pants first then hit the jackets.) With the price of those cotton pants being $75 and wool ones for $100, you could walk out with a cotton suit that only costs $225 or a wool suit for $300.

Note that if you've never been to this location, you might accidentally pass it, since 8 Greene Street is missing a number above it's door and most of the other doors have stairs leading up to them. Be on the lookout for one of the only doors on this block that is truly street level. It's on the second floor. See the dealfeed below for more info.—Mickey Sery
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