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Sorry, Guys: Looks Like the DVF Sample Sale Is NOT Happening

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Diane von Fursterberg's fittingly surreal spring ad campaign. Image via Fashionista.

We hate to let down the DVF diehards, but it sure seems like the brand's biannual sample sale isn't happening this season. Three commenters on our June sample sale roundup post report that they asked staff at 260 Sample Sale—the venue that hosts the Diane von Furstenberg event, among others—about the sale, and all were told it was cancelled. Bloggers Madison Avenue Spy and Mizhattan did additional tapping of their DVF sources and both found that there is nothing in the works, and no sale is planned.

As one of the sample sales with the most cultish following, we're sure a lot of gals will be upset by the news. But most importantly: where will all of those extra printed dresses go?
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